Death Penalty

In United States, the issue of death penalty has remained a matter of serious debate in the last few decades. The death penalty has never been and will never be a solution to any crime since it does not change the life of a person rather than depriving an individual right to life. Death penalty is immoral and unethical human practice which should never be practiced in the modern world.

Why Death Penalty Is Ethically Wrong

There is nothing to debate on the death penalty. Depriving someone right to life is the most atrocious crime that a person can commit. It seem like most government are so hypocritical through stating that, death penalty should be ruled on murder cases. In fact, the murderer killed an innocent victim, and thus should be murdered too. This is referred to as a tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye theory. However, if this theoretical practice should be applied, then there is no need for judges and laws. If a person hits you, you hit him or her back. How primitive this would be?

Most people in support of this inhuman practice argue that, though the use of death penalty, criminals will be scare of the ruling and thus will help to reduces murder cases. This is a primitive thinking. In the first place, how many murder criminals will be subjected to death penalty? If the death penalty intent to seek jurisdiction for the murder cases, after the death penalty has been ruled and the suspect subjected to death, then it is revealed that the suspect was innocent, how will he or she receive his or her jurisdiction? Court ruling should be made to rehabilitate criminal and not to deprive them their God given right. Death penalty is crueler even than the crime committed.

Prejudice in Judicial System

The judicial system in most nations is prejudiced. For example, in United States eight percent of the murder criminals subjected to death penalty are black American while only one percent of such criminals are white American. To make the matter worse, black murder criminals are seven times more likely to be subjected to death penalty for killing a white person. This is so blatant prejudice.

Most importantly, none is perfect including the judges. Criminal murderers should be subject to life sentence. However, it is not right to give murderers parole after serving few years in jail irrespective of how good they become. Convicted murderers should be used to serve for the public good, like road construction and repair for the rest of their life.


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