Argumentative Essay Topics: A List Of Controversial Issues

An argumentative essay is one that gives you a chance to share your opinion, provided you can back it up with facts. To write a good argumentative paper, however, you need a great topic. Once you have chosen the right topic, as well as the facts to present it, you can easily write a great paper.

Choosing Your Topic

There are two important things to remember before choosing a topic for your argumentative essay. First, be sure that you are choosing a topic that you are passionate about. If you already have a strong opinion on the issue, then you will be able to prove your point better. The second thing you should remember is to look for facts that support your idea. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when writing about a controversial topic is supporting their point because of their opinions, and not facts.

Topic Ideas

  • Who is at fault for the climate change? Do you believe that climate change is something happening naturally, or a result of damage that man has done to the earth?

  • Is torture ever acceptable? A lot of people feel strongly about torture, whether it is animal torture or the torture of prisoners. Consider your viewpoint. Would you think it was acceptable if it would save lives, or is it still not okay?

  • Does easy access to condoms encourage safe sex, or encourage teens to have sex? What is your opinion on family planning clinics giving condoms to teens and how does it impact teen behavior?

  • Are beauty pageants healthy or damaging? Should parents be allowed to force their children to compete in beauty pageants against other children or is it psychologically damaging to their future?

  • How young is too young for the military to try to recruit kids? Is it ethical for military representatives to try recruiting at high schools? Does speaking to kids about the military early influence their decision to join, or do you believe that high school is too young to make this decision?

What You Should Include

You should begin with a powerful fact or statement to open your introductory paragraph with. Once you have made a statement, clearly state your viewpoint in your thesis. In the following paragraphs, you will provide information about the individual facts that back up your thesis. Make sure that you are using facts, not opinions. Finally, summarize your point.


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