Writing The Conclusion In A Five-Paragraph Essay: 5 Quick Tips

One of the easiest forms of academic paper to write is the five paragraph essay. Ultimately, the fact that you only need five paragraphs means that it is relatively short and, therefore, will not necessarily need a huge amount of writing, nor might you necessarily need to do a huge amount of research for the work. However, it is still important to try and do the work to a high standard, and the following five quick tips should help to ensure that you write the conclusion to a high standard.

  1. Planning the paragraph before you write it
  2. Despite the fact that the paper will be relatively short, and you will only need a single paragraph for the conclusion, it can still be a good idea to plan what you want to write. Even if this means writing down a few points that you wish to bring up, it can make it easier when writing your conclusion to have some form of plan in place.

  3. Only write about points that you have already made
  4. Another thing to consider is that you should not bring up any new points that have already been referred to. Essentially, you should only write about any points or arguments that you have already discussed earlier on in your work.

  5. Ensuring that it is relevant to the style of essay that you need to write
  6. If you are writing an argumentative paper then the conclusion should try to persuade the reader about a certain point of view, whilst a compare and contrast essay will require a slightly different style of conclusion. Therefore, you need to bear in mind the style of essay whilst writing your conclusion.

  7. Writing multiple drafts to get the conclusion as perfect as possible
  8. Do not expect to get the conclusion perfect at the first attempt. Instead, you should be prepared to write multiple drafts, so as to get the work as good as possible.

  9. Checking the accuracy of the spelling and grammar of what you have written
  10. Finally, it is entirely possible that you make a variety of different spelling and grammatical errors whilst writing your conclusion, which can then reduce the quality of the work that you have produced. Therefore, it is important that you check the accuracy and quality of the work before you finalize what you have written.


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