'Why Bother?’ Michael Pollan

In the article ‘Why Bother?’ Michael Pollan highlights some of the ways that can be adopted towards an achieving a milestone in environmental conservation. One of the areas that Pollan has identified that needs a change in order to advance viable change mechanisms is the change of psychological orientation of the society. This is unique approach that is proposed by Pollen because it entails the strategic combination of the efforts of all individuals towards restoring the integrity to the atmosphere. Therefore, the ultimate effort acquired from each person’s commitment is essential towards having a healthy society.

In order to make his argument valid and have a strong basis, he supports his sentiments from Al Gore’s work that is focused in making individuals change their view to the carbon increase in the society. He also contends that the progressive increase in the carbon in the society is becoming a bit threat to the stability of the ecosystem and it is important that workable solutions re acquired through the decisions that are made regarding the energy that people use. Pollen points out the need to have a sustainable source of energy that is friendly to the convenient. However, such decisions may depend on people’s energy requirements and their social and economic abilities.

Pollan presents practical and realistic ways through which environmental conservation can be achieved. The presentation in the article is very effective because it inspires a positive cultural transformation in the society to assist people focus their efforts towards environmental sustainability. The combination of individual efforts is good way to achieve the ultimate conservation objective as pointed out by pollen because it engages all people positively in their efforts. Individual efforts are essential because they are important motivational tools that are very powerful in the presentation of a powerful struggle towards environmental conservation.


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