Selecting Winning Argumentative Essay Topics For 6th Grade Students

From elementary school through college, students are always faced with writing one type of essay or the other. One of these various types of essays is the argumentative type. Without saying more, the name already says a lot about this type of academic paper. When writing an argumentative paper, there are always two sides to the issue under discussion and you are expected to be on one side, trying your best to woo the critics on the other side over. This is where choosing winning topics come in.

For you to be rated among the bright students in your school, it is necessary you always make effort in coming tops in all academic activities, including writing an argumentative essay. For your chosen topics to stand chances of winning the admiration of your tutors and other readers of your work, certain things need to be factored in. These include the following:

  • The ability of the topic to draw your target readers out from their closets on the issue at hand.

  • The ability of such chosen topic to generate varied opinions among your readers

  • The ability of the topic to avail you the opportunity to do justice to the issue being discussed, at length that is.

  • Not overly hyped or written on severally by other students that there’s nothing much left to be written about

Definitely there are other elements to be put into consideration in choosing a topic for your essay, the above listed few should make a good starting point towards writing your argumentative paper. There are various topics that are waiting to be explored and once you take the lead, you can be sure of seeing other people making their own viewpoints known. If these viewpoints are mostly on the opposing side, then you have really scored a good one with your academic work.

Most students have been able to determine the effectiveness of their chosen argumentative essay topic by sampling opinions from their friends, classmates and family members. Others took theirs a step further by searching for opinion polls on various academic paper topics. This way, they are able to determine what is hot and what is not. Finally, the topic you choose for your paper should not be that shallow that you can’t go more than a few paragraphs. When students go for a topic that comes with several sub-headings or points, it creates the opportunity for them to effectively address their argument by the time the essay comes to an end.


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