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students can use to make it easier to complete their assignment while improving personal writing skills and increasing self-knowledge. The following points offer useful tricks students can use while writing.

The Need To Get Organized And Stay That Way

Get organized

When it comes to doing a number of things concurrently, one of the best practises is to get organized. This should be the case for any student out there who is a member of the school baseball team and at the same time, doesn’t want his studies to suffer.

Make a timetable

To do this, you will have to draft a timetable while taking into account school projects, papers and other activities. This should be done in such a way that it augers well with baseball days and other games.

Check school calendar

And in view of the fact that some of these dates are prone to changes due to a number of reasons, it is strongly recommended that you check your school calendar every week to help you make adjustments to your own timetable.

How To Combine Studies And Sport: Advice For Students Playing Baseball

Reaching success in sports and studies

The phrase ‘work without play makes Jack a dull boy,’ is something you must have come across multiple times in the course of your reading or in speeches made by academic motivational speakers. The question which always comes to many people’s mind is how much work is enough and so is play because even studies amount to some degree of work and commitment. This further replicates into participating in any kind of sports. Definitively, work is anything that consumes energy in whatever form, mentally or physically. And so, whenever a student is heavily involved into say playing basketball, baseball or football, concerns have always been raised regarding his or her academic progress. In other words, some learners find it a lot complicated to take part in school activities such as playing baseball in the school baseball team and at the same time, study for better grades. One area will always have to suffer. However, it is not all the times that this happens. In fact, students who do take part in sports have been hailed for better performance and one always wonder how they do it. This is something that studies occasioned by a number of education institutes have equally proven as true.

Well, sports are good for mental health and development but caution is always good medicine. You should not let your studies suffer at the expense of playing in school baseball team. The converse is also true. While there are students who have given up their studies to participate in sports, and eventually becoming world superstars, education remains foundation to greater things in life. It is all about literacy and fitting into a society that is increasingly becoming academically sound and competitive by the day. The same studies that have delved into how sports and education many not always auger well, have also come up with some strategies that work in as far managing the two is concerned. These are things that not only experts share in but also educators and parents. The big question thus far therefore is, what if one doesn’t want to give up sports for school or the other way round? But again, how can one strike a balance between the two, which means combining studies and baseball? Sporting is arguably addictive and it is the reason why one’s academic progress is always the casualty whenever the two antagonize each other. In order to help you manage these two competing interest with great ease, take a look below for guidelines:

  • Time management is the key to doing things better
  • Well, here is a case of competing interests or demands and it is up to you to manage them well so that at the end of the day, none suffers a fate of failure. You have to plan your time well taking into account such things as travel, sports days, practise and exams times. This helps plan for every task well in advance to avoid clashing scenarios. It is noteworthy that this shouldn’t be about a day or two but should extent into weeks or months during which you will be in school.

  • Guard against procrastination
  • Anything can steal your time but none can do it mercilessly like procrastination. Every minute wasted is sure to push you into a situation whereby you will have no choice but to do things under a lot of pressure and duress. On this premise, when it is time for studies let it be so. Do not postpone a time for writing an essay and engage in baseball. It will be too late to even hire a writer to help you out.

  • Work smart and make the most out of free time
  • Time is resourceful and creating more time is worth it for a student who wants to partake on baseball. It is always advisable to stay ahead of time by doing assignments during free time. This way, you will have more time for games and relaxation later on.

Finally, managing two activities at the same time is all about working smart and time is always a factor to consider. It therefore calls upon your time management skills and also the need to borrow from expert tips on how to be a baseball player and at the same time, a well performing student.


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